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Gallery Folders

Paradise Estate by Ruffu
Thank You Bonnie! by WillisNinety-Six
Bonnie Zacherle, Mother of All by rekibob
Fading Light by Equestria-Prevails
Earth Ponies
Applejack by terabithiannp
FANART: MLP G1 Applejack by Umeko
Applejack is secretly... by Invidlord
G1 Bow Tie by Blleeeaauuurrgghhh
MLP- Gusty by Alukelele
MLP: Sparkler by AlicornMoonstar
Nightmare Sparkler by henrycuevasjimenez
G1 Majesty by REBELHEART1979
Baby Firefly by KimmyG79
HeartThrob by KimmyG79
My Little Pony - Pegasi by Dwelian
FANART: MLP G1 Firefly by Umeko
Twinkle eyed ponies
When I playing   Pony Town by fameng
Chibi Fizzy by PuddingValkyrie
Fizzy Gala Dress by PuddingValkyrie
Fizzy's Fizzy Drink Finished by LilWolfStudios
Rainbow ponies
bright by HoneyTediz
G1 Flutterbye and Moonstone by babyblueducky
Moonstone by babyblueducky
Ouranos by MyLittleSonic
Flutter ponies
redraw meme: Rosedust by ColorfulWonders
Rosedust by KathyHauser
Return to Flutter Valley by fameng
Morning Glory by malino555
Twice as fancy ponies
MLP- Dancing Butterflies by Alukelele
Milky Way by SplatterPhoenix
Sugarberry by Brah-J
2006-2016 Draw this again by SilverMoonbreeze
Princess ponies
Princess Sapphire by Denkis
Princess Tiffany by Lunar-Xerneas
Royal Purple by Z1aR0
Royal Blue by LarraChersan
Sea ponies
Call upon the Sea ponies: 3 Hipocampies by Herumankahi
sea ponies by KittyYasha
Sea Star Pony by Bluefirewings
ShooBe Doo by Whippetluvpony
Big brother ponies
The Awakening [SWAP] by Rainbow-Smashed
G1 Tex by TexasUberAlles
My Little Pony - Salty by LazyJenny
4-Speed by NuclearStarlight
Other kind of race of pony
Blueberry Baskets by Lunar-Xerneas
Draw Together - Cool Breeze by Libellendrache
Draw Together - Cool Breeze by Libellendrache
Cool Breeze by Shaiyeh
Different kind of ponies together
Pumpkin Time by Denkis
Blushing Ponies - Generation 1. by Airyu
G1 ponies in G4 version by Imtailsthefoxfan
Present For Mom by TheLittleDixie
Ponies with humans or other characters
Shoop-Be-Doop Redux by HalflingPony
Saying Goodbye by foxspotted
OLD Sally and Majesty by KissTheThunder
Apple Jack and Megan by okiegurl1981
G1 with characters from other MLP gens.
TTTN-title by Ravyn-Karasu
G1 MLP sketch by ColorfulWonders
Pinkie Pie and Surprise by Zoiby
Posey is proud of her baby by henrycuevasjimenez
Non-pony characters
Megan with Bow by dbkit
Molly by dbkit
Molly wip by dbkit
G1 Spike by Dreamer-In-Shadows
MLP G1 Tales
Sweetheart by ChiuuChiuu
My Little Pony Tales - Bright Eyes and Lancer by MortenEng21
My Little Pony Tales - Sweetheart and Teddy by MortenEng21
My Little Pony Tales by GumiCookie1
G1 Vessa by RuneElf
Roogna and others outdoors by Roogna
The Painted Ponies by foxspotted
Merry Treats Family by foxspotted
Humanized ponies
Sparkler re-done by KanashiiBara
Skynight Sparkler by KanashiiBara
Anthro Heartthrob by foxspotted
G1 Minty by Lokelios
Ponies passed in another version
Original Six  - MH Style! by Crystal-Sushi
Moondancer by Villanelle-Magicka
Missing Equestria Girls characters 5 by PrincessLunalovesme
Galaxy ATC by Shaiyeh
Sewing, handicrafts or creative stuff
Sparkler Pony by SalemSparkler
My Little Pony OC Starshine Plush by GraphicPlanetDesigns
My Little Pony G1 Baby Twilight Plush by GraphicPlanetDesigns
My Little Pony G1 Baby Moondancer Plush by GraphicPlanetDesigns
Pony customs or restorations
Custom Magic Star - My little Pony G1/G2 by SalemSparkler
Custom Rainbow Posey by SalemSparkler
Custom Petite Parasol by SalemSparkler
g3 Mimic version 2.0 by LightningSilver-Mana
Pony Commissions Now Available by GrowlyLobita
My Little Pony FIREFLY custom plush by MLPT-fan
Needle Felted Posable Lily - MLP Plushie Contest by SnowFox102
G1 Mimic Crystal Pony Version by LiLMoon
Cotton Candy by SalemSparkler
Lemon Drop by SalemSparkler
G4 Majesty by SalemSparkler
Up Up and Away by SalemSparkler
G1 toys photos
Random My Little Pony G1 by soybeanchan
G1 Applejack by KaleidoTheForester
G1 So Soft Ribbons by KaleidoTheForester
G1 Medley by KaleidoTheForester
MLP G1 stuff in photos
My Little Pony G1 Majesty by MLPG1Brony
My Little Pony G1 Applejack (AJ) by MLPG1Brony
apple jack and baby apple jack by theladyinred002
cherry jubilee by theladyinred002
Fan buttons
My little pony G1 Fan button by SunsetMajka626
Moondancer -Fan button by SunsetMajka626
g1 mlp stamp by tanninghides
G1 mlp stamp by phantombl00d
G1 mlp stamp by phantombl00d
G1 MLP AppleJack stamp by GundamCat
Pagedolls and pixels
Posey by doog97
G1 Mane 6 Sprites by Orbital-Junnie
My Little Pony Year 1982 by SeaJelli
Gusty by katcombs
Icons and animations
Fizzy dashing happily by WielkiDuchII
Mimic Chibi Pony by Angelishi
Mlp Posey Icon by Posey-The-Pony
Merry Christmas Applejack-1982 - Applejack G1 La by PantheraFelidae
OLD Mane 6 by Pokeami
Gen 2 Melody Wallpaper by henrycuevasjimenez
posey wallpaper by henrycuevasjimenez
Flutterposey Wallpaper by SLB94
Happy Firefly by Missy12113
Oh God! Faces by Luuandherdraws
MLP you two can't do it!! by Rainbowbase93
Surprise!!! by nautbleach
Screenshots or animations from the show
Firefly by otakuangelx
Morning glory by otakuangelx
truly by otakuangelx
Grogar by otakuangelx
Other kind of stuff
MMD G1 Ponies +DL by Invader-Alexis2
Sparkler's Cutie Mark by ColorfulWonders
G1 MLP Alphabet by babyblueducky
30 Years Of Pony Magic by Poppun
This group is in a honor to the first and the original generation from MLP. The 80's MLP or G1 MLP. :aww:
I hope you're support here and if you have art about MLP G1 (but only G1 MLP you know) you can add it in this group! ;) And photos of MLP G1 toys too! :D
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Rules of this group

1-Please, add the art in the correct folder.
2-No My Little Pony G4, G3, G2. Only My Little Pony G1.

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